TO REALLY ENJOY Utah’s outdoor opportunities, it’s important to know how some safety tips. Whether you’ll be hiking, fishing, driving or target shooting, there are ways to make sure that the only thing you’re worried about is having fun.

ATV Safety

Feel the wind in your hair and dirt under your tires while taking a jaunt on the ATV trail. Utah State Parks will be there with a small, round trail set up for you to test your driving skills. We'll provide the ATV, helmet and goggles. If you plan to participate, don't forget to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants. Participants must be at least eight years old.

Poaching Trailer

Poachers are dangerous to Utah’s wildlife and citizens. Come visit DWR law enforcement officers at the poaching trailer to learn about how poaching affects Utah, and what you can do if you come across a poacher or poached animal.

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